Let’s drop the drama and heal the trauma!
Join us for an hour of mutual FORGIVENESS

This is an invitation for brothers and sisters, men and women,
For the silent majority to take responsibility and lead ourselves!

For everything that is said in the name of our religion, our position, our community, for all the tags and identities that are put on us and we are basically one entity.

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I know that many people follow with a heavy heart the situation developing in Israel and Palestine.

I am a Palestinian Muslim who grew up and lived in Israel until I was 19 and I still have my family both in Israel and in Palestine. Needless to say, I have been very concerned with the escalation of the conflict.

In 2016, I created with my partner Dalit Eliahu One Whole Peace – an organisation dedicated to creating a new peace movement that is soul-centered, holistic and grounded in the psychological roots of conflict. One Whole Peace is committed to bringing together the citizens of Israel – Jewish, Muslim and Christian – to discover their shared humanity, common needs and interests and build a shared future together. Our goal is to bring about a change in the civic consciousness of Israel and to unite people who regard each other as oppressors and subversives, to create a ripple effect throughout the Middle East region, and heal the planet.

With what is going on in our country, we both decided to invite the silent majority of Jewish and Arabs, Palestinians and Israelis, to join us for an hour of sharing and asking mutual forgiveness from each other for all that has been said, for the expressed blame and shame on both our peoples. We call all the people, supporters of Palestine and Israel, to join in our attempts in bringing transformation to what is going on right now in this land. .

What is clearly available for us right now is to connect to the heart and forgive.

The current leaders are not leading us to a lasting solution in Israel and Palestine, rather they are poisoning the situation.

Politics is the expression of the people and right now, we – the people – need to take responsibility and be our own leaders and choose wisely. Expressing and articulating what truly is in the heart and not political jargon that is seeking to polarise and separate, kill and destroy our shared humanity.

This is an invitation to drop the drama and heal the trauma!

Join us for an hour of mutual forgiveness today, Thursday, 20 May 2021

19:00 CEDT / 20:00 IDT in Hebrew

20:00 CEDT / 21:00 IDT in English

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