Cacao Ceremony is a ritual of drinking medicinal cacao in a meditative way with the intention to commune with it and receive its gifts. The purpose is to clean the daily noise and life issues and focus our attention, taking steps to collect ourselves, creating a funnel of frequencies, until we are tuned into the frequency of the cacao and ready to receive it.

Cacao is the number one antioxidant on the planet, and the most Yin-feminine substance Mother Earth gave us. The cacao is a medicine for everybody as it has the capacity to balance every system in our bodies. It affects each one of us differently – it speeds or relaxes our metabolism, stabilises fluctuating moods, enhances fertility, and so on.

Drinking a large amount of cacao increases the heart and brain activity by 30-40%, and opens blockages of all sorts – physical and emotional. It is felt as strong heart beats at first, and then a nice and grounded presence in the body; a desire to move and stretch, a sensation of an open heart and clarity.

Cacao Ceremony I had with Eva was one of the most unique experiences I ever had. I felt comfortable and safe in her serene presence. Her loving kindness and wisdom guided me through my journey with the cacao.

Rose, LA

It is important to emphasise that unlike some plant medicines that take you on a trip outside of your body, the cacao is bringing us back to our bodies and the sensations it enhances are very familiar: like to be “more you” than usual. Another important note is that it affects everybody differently according to their systems’ needs: some will want to go to sleep immediately after the ceremony, others will stay up all night, some will want to cry, and some to dance.

Cacao and I

I am a passionate facilitator, joyful visionary, intuitive healer and a dancer.

I LOVE chocolate and ever since I moved to Costa Rica seven years ago and discovered the amazing raw local cacao, cacao became a part of my daily life. I held numerous Cacao Ceremonies with ecstatic dance in different locations in Costa Rica, USA, Israel and France.

In my ceremonies I use crystals and the power of 9 tarot cards. I encourage participants to connect and share their own insights with a heart wide open. After they drink the cacao, I invite the participants to explore their own authentic dance and connect to their inner child joy.

Eva’s Cacao Dance

Cacao Ceremonies are part of the native Central American culture, and there are legends about Cacao Ceremonies attended by thousands of people deep in the mountains where no modern man can arrive unless invited and escorted.

After experimenting with various cacao ceremonies and comparing their impacts, this is the protocol I finally settled on. Nevertheless, I consider the protocol to be a tool, a container, not the purpose and therefore always remain open to the flow of whatever happens.

I usually start with a chocolate/cacao meditation. This is the easiest meditation known to mankind – each one of us is practicing it unknowingly since childhood. All it takes is to put the cacao or a truffle of chocolate in your mouth, close your eyes and focus all your attention on the flavour and texture of the chocolate until it fully melts.

Eva is a beacon of light and confidence that uplifts and inspires others. Her cacao ceremony was an amazing experience, of sacred space and authentic connection to self.

Andrea,  Puerto Viejo

I then continue with  providing information on the cacao, its origin and how it was made. I provide each participant with a cup of ginger and turmeric tea in which the cacao has been cooking with other herbs and spices (usually cayenne pepper and cinnamon). The cacao is an enhancer and a carrier for other medicines. I do not add sweeteners since the cacao balances the sugar in the body and sugar will weaken and “distract” the medicine.

I ask participants to set their intentions , as the direction of our journey. Then the drinking is held in silence and meditation.  Participants are encouraged to  pay attention to their bodies, take deep breaths and listen to their hearts. I  encourage movements, give a lot of freedom of expression and allow everybody to choose their level of participation in the dance.

The effect of the cacao can last up to 24 hours and the ceremony is only the opening note of the journey for the individual. After an hour I bring it to closure with expression of gratitude to the cacao spirit and the participants.

It was my first cacao ceremony and a powerful experience. I felt Eva’s deep energy, her warmth, her passion and at the same time her serenity. The mystique of the cacao, the music, the dance and the group of women around me all helped to make this evening a very special one.

Florence, Nov 2019