A dreamy, healthy, open-air space ideal for connecting with nature and within.

With love and foresight, we have built our home as a Zen retreat center off the beaten path in the jungle with one of the most amazing and stunning flora and fauna of Costa Rica. A place to retreat, to recharge and get body-mind-soul connected with holistic bodywork and well-being coaching sessions.

Accommodation at the Retreat Center

The retreat center Casa Estrella is situated in Valle de Estrella, 10 min away from Cahuita and the Sloth Sanctuary. It is a center for holistic well-being that offers individual counseling, energy, and bodywork, as well as retreats using a variety of psycho-spiritual theatre and corporal expression and organizational modalities. People come to the healing center seeking relief from stress, pain, low energy, inability to focus, depression, unhealthy habits, addictions and various ailments or the simple desire for greater health and well-being. The house is perched on a natural mount surrounded by a tropical flowers and yummy fruit tree garden as well as an open field from which you can admire the surrounding jungle and its powerful life, including the world re-known Blue Morphos, Howling monkeys and colorful Tucans (Costa Rica has one of the richest and most diverse fauna and flora in the world). The water comes from mountain fresh source and the electricity is directly generated from the sun. Two seasonal rivers meet at the west corner where the sun sets on the mountain ridge, 10 min from the nearest beach, calm and private.

Room Options

The three ground level bedrooms have their own entrance/exit to nature/tropical gardens, private bathroom, queen size bed with balcony open to the garden.

  • Peace room – ground level corner – double size bed. Outside nature shower, shared sink and toilet.
  • Middle Path Room – Queen size futon, shared sink and toilet
  • Elevating Rooms – 2nd story room with surrounding view of garden and jungle mountain: king mattress with memory foam topper, 4 individual mattresses – shared accommodation and shared bath.
  • Platform Tent- Shared bath-house, queen size air mattress, linens provided, and jungle mountain view.
There is no internet connection and some phones will have no connection, for those who really want to disconnect from the outside world!