I offer customised programs based on the GROW Model:

Goal you are looking to achieve.
Reality as it is in the present.
Obstacles preventing you from realising your heart’s desire.
Will that needs to be at your service and focused so you are not in competing intentions.

I am an intuitive person and I apply this gift of intuition to my work as a coach. I am able to intuit the issues that are hidden deeply within people’s psyche and bring them to the forefront.

That said, everything I experienced as a coach taught me that coaching and healing can only take place when I work in harmony with my client. Unless the client is ready to uncover her or his dark places into the open, no amount of coaching interventions can be successful. It is the get-together of my clients’ readiness and willingness to put her or his trust in me, and my skill and intuition as a coach that bring about the radical transformation.

Eva is a beam of light, so brilliantly able to focus, not necessarily on what I want to deal with but what needs to be dealt with. She is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met, and one of the most patient and compassionate.

MEG w.

I offer you guidance and support so you may attain greater inner peace and be fully engaged in your life purpose. The coaching process will enable you to establish a sustainable and self-reliant practice for yourself at all levels (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical). Ultimately, this process will empower you to connect to your inner joy and be passionate about your life projects.

Sometimes the client may feel ready or think that they are ready, but that may not translate into the willingness to radically transform their lives and heal the places of hurt. Sometimes it is small steps that are required over a long period of time to bring you to that place where the change is awaiting for you.

If you are not ready for that radical transformation NOW, I will be happy to support your journey until our joint willingness, tender but sustained push forward, and trust will result in the realization of the critical break-through. I am grateful and honored to see you here and I hope you will choose me for your coach and partner on this joint journey of discovery.

Cleanse & Detox

I designed the Cleanse & Detox Program to support my clients in establishing a new, individually tailored way of nourishing inside out. The Program combines cleansing diet with daily tailored body-mind-spirit practices.

Radical Transformation

Radical Transformation Coaching is a specific coaching program designed for individuals ready to radically transform their life and fly to their highest potential with no excuses.


Loving oneself and one another is key in a relationship, yet it is not enough. Relationships require deep individual work, as well as intentional and conscious practice in loving, acceptance, and ownership of our own wounds and ability to let go and forgive.

Two weeks ago I did my seven-day juice cleanse detox with Eva. At the beginning I was very nervous and not quite sure I was going to be able to make it. After the second day I started to get clarity and feel much, much better, my skin started to glow and I felt full of energy. This is the beginning of a life-changing experience and I will definitely do it again as soon as I can.

elena, may 2019

The adventure of your life awaits.
Reach out and we can embark on it together.