I designed the Cleanse & Detox Program to support my clients in establishing a new, individually tailored way of nourishing inside out.

After 3 days of fasting, the body cells will self-generate. The Cleanse and Detox program includes beneficial physical activities, such as yoga, water bathing, sun bathing, sweating in infra-red sauna, and raw cacao.

The coaching sessions will help you identify any emotional, mental or spiritual blockages that don’t allow you to relax, let go of the stress and pressures and re-connect with yourself on a deep level as well as with the nature.

Your lungs will breathe fresh air. The dietary program will alleviate the load from your digestive system while providing enough fuel to sustain your metabolic processes. You will be connecting to your body-mind-spirit on all levels to come out rejuvenated and renewed.

The Program combines cleansing diet with daily tailored body-mind-spirit practices:

From 3 Days mimimum, 7 Days OR 21 Days
✼ 1-2 days preparation for cleanse with choice of ONE of the following cleanses or a combination of:
✼ 3-5 days pipa cleanse (coconut water)
✼ 3-7 days juice cleanse
✼ 5 days water cleanse
✼ 3-7 days gallbladder liver cleanse
✼ 1-2 days coming back slowly to regular food – juices, and soups, raw fruits.

✼ Daily tailored body-mind-spirit practices with Fabrice and Eva
✼ Strategic coaching and spiritual counselling sessions with Eva
✼ Daily yoga practice with Fabrice
✼ Massage twice a week with Fabrice

Cleanse & Detox Program takes place in various location around the world: from the virgin rainforest and the enchanting shores of the Caribbean Sea in Costa Rica, to South of France, Crete, Greece, Croatia and Israel. But, it can also be custom-tailored and implemented individually.